Things I Like

Apps (Mac):

1Password – superb password manager for the Mac [Mac App Store]

PopClip – adds iOS-style text actions to selected text in OS X – Copy, Paste and lots, lots more [Mac App Store]

TextExpander – OS X utility to save tons of time typing repetitive text and much more [TextExpander archives]

Hazel – must-have file and folder automation tool for OS X

Default Folder – handy utility for better control over Open/Save dialog boxes on the Mac

Smart Scroll – great scrolling enhancer for Mac OS X, perfect for Wacom tablet users

DragonDrop – a better way to move files around on your Mac [Mac App Store]

ClipMenu – the best OS X clipboard history utility

DropBox – incredibly handy cloud storage and file synchronization service

CrashPlan – incredibly affordable and robust offsite computer file backup service

Delivery Status – free Mac OS X dashboard widget to track package deliveries

Trickster – “recent files” menubar utility app  [Mac App Store]

Apps (iOS):

Drafts – the “idea inbox” [App Store]

Reeder – my favorite RSS reader for the iPhone [App Store]

Delivery Status Touch – real-time delivery status updates app [App Store]

Maplets – great offline custom map GPS app [App Store]

Procreate – the best drawing and painting app for the iPad [App Store]

iDraw – excellent vector art app for the iPad and Mac with iCloud sync [App Store] [Mac App Store]

Frax – mind-blowing fractal explorer app. [App Store]

Web Tools:

WordPress – the superb blogging platform powering this blog you’re reading right now [WordPress archives]

IFTTT (If This, Then That) – incredibly handy automation tool for getting web services to work with each other

Flickr – still my favorite photo sharing service
SunCalc –  Sun position mapping tool


Pico Widgy pry-bar – excellent EDC keychain utility tool

Camelbak hydration packs – awesome water bottle backpacks

AcoustiGrip headphone cord tamer – clever headphone cable management solution

Hearos – excellent foam earplugs


The War of Art – a user manual for being an artist and overcoming creative resistance [Amazon]

Fingerprints of the Gods – compelling evidence for a lost, ancient civilization [Amazon]

Beginner’s Guide To Constructing The Universe – fascinating book that reveals the qualities and archetypes of numbers [Amazon]

Cosmic Trigger – Robert Anton Wilson’s underground classic: tales from his self-induced reality warping [Amazon] (upon re-reading this when my brother finally started reading it at my suggestion, I discovered it was not the book I recalled and had been recommending all these years… in a way quite appropriate for a Robert Anton Wilson book… the books I should have been suggesting are Prometheus Rising and Quantum Psychology, both listed below)

Prometheus Rising – Robert Anton Wilson’s perspective on how the human mind operates, how this affects us and society, and how to take matters into your own hands. [Amazon]

Quantum Psychology – Robert Anton Wilson’s somewhat-sequel to Prometheus Rising [Amazon]

Mindfulness in Plain English – excellent primer handbook for meditation  [Amazon]

The Making of Star Wars – an incredible must-read for any Star Wars fan [Amazon]

The Red Queen – the evolutionary arms race between hosts and their disease-causing parasites, resulting in us humans. Non-fiction.  [Amazon]

Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talkingsuperb, profound examination of introverts. Blew this introvert away. [Amazon]

The Willpower Instinct – fascinating scientific look at willpower, self-control, the dopamine/reward system. The truth is often counterintuitive. [Amazon]

Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment – A breakdown of what it takes to achieve success and mastery in your life, written by a martial arts instructor who noticed the patterns in his students. Once you have the eureka moment of the “Mastery Curve”, you’ll be much more successful at overcoming those inevitable lulls in your efforts. A nice companion to “The War of Art“. [Amazon] [Overview]

The Omnivore’s Dilemma – all of Michael Pollan’s food books are superb, but this one stands out as a great intro to his food writing.


Earthless – killer riff-centric instrumental stoner rock from San Diego. [iTunes Store]


Robert Williams – the DaVinci of Lowbrow

Alex Gray – psychedelic visionary artist

Rick Veitch – in particular his astounding Rare Bit Fiends dream journal series

Jim Woodring – surrealist cartoonist extraordinaire

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth – the man behind Rat Fink

Jim Phillips – skateboard artist who defined the genre; you all know his ‘Screaming Hand’

Dan Clowes

Charles Burns


Keen Newport sandals – the most comfortable footwear

Columbia Sportswear – one of the few clothing manufacturers who have an extensive line of men’s tall sizes


Ergo Grips – ergonomic bicycle handlebar grips

Mirrcycle bicycle handlebar mirror – great handlebar mirror for your bike

Camelbak Lobo – great water bottle backpack

Cygolite Bike Lamps

Banjo Brothers bags

Burley flatbed trailer

Winter Bicycling:

Bar Mitts – these make it possible to actually ride in the cold; my hands are always cold.

Schwalbe Winter studded tires – amazingly effective on both snow and ice.

Bolle ski goggles – a massive improvement in visibility, warmth and comfortablility on cold rides

Disc Golf:

Discraft Comet – the best all-around starter disc for disc golf

DGCourseReview – disc golf course directory and user review website

Vibram Disc Golf – excellent rubber disc golf discs


Uncle Tim’s First Year – a great and somewhat geeky guide to learning to play the guitar [Amazon]

George L’s instrument cables


Minecraft – addictive virtual LEGO-style sandbox world. More Minecraft stuff.