3 Signs That Your Meditation Sits Are Going Well

  1. Nothing much seems to be happening
  2. Your mind wanders constantly, and your thoughts keep taking your attention away from the object of focus (breath, etc.)
  3. Nothing “mystical” is happening

If any of the above — or better yet all three of these indicators has happened to you during your ongoing meditation sits, then it’s a sure sign that your meditation practice is on track and everything is going perfectly.

I’ve been meditating consistently for over 5 years now, and I can tell you that most of the time, nothing much seems to be happening. I usually resist sitting down to start, and often fidget and fight when I finally do. 

Once I actually get going, my mind loves to constantly wander away from the object of focus (the breath). This is really helpful, as it gives me the opportunity to cultivate the skill of noticing when I’ve lost mental focus. 

If the mind never wandered, I’d be unable to hone that valuable tool. 

I’m also fortunate in that nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. That allows me to continue to cultivate the skill of noticing when my mind has lost conscious focus.

If all sorts of odd things started happening while I was meditating, that would just distract me from being able to practice the skill of noticing when I’ve lost consciously-directed mental focus. 

I can’t even imagine how distracting “mystical experiences” would be. 

I’m also glad I’m not getting lulled into some deep, relaxed, spaced-out mental state. That would just be another obstacle for the rich and multi-sensory present-moment and present-location hyper-awareness that arises when I’m able to really keep my mental focus consciously attended on the breath. 

And ultimately, if none of the above were happening, I would be missing out on all the benefits of meditation in my daily life, where I’m able to effortlessly put into practice the skills I’m cultivating during my meditation sits. 

Really, it’s just one skill: noticing when I’ve lost conscious mental focus, or when I’m “lost in thoughts”. 

Thankfully, none of those 3 pesky distractions (something happening, the mind not wandering, and “mystical” experiences) are getting in the way of productive and beneficial meditation sits. 

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