Play & Control iPhone Audio on Mac


So you want to send the audio from your iPhone to your Mac, and be able to control the playback functions on the iPhone from the Mac? Airfoil and iKeyboardRemote will do the trick. Read on for how to do this, and why you would even bother.  Continue reading “Play & Control iPhone Audio on Mac”

Apps of the Week • April 14-20, 2013

Just a quick roundup of some new iPhone apps I’m liking:

Triage – quickly process your email Inbox

Yahoo Weather – slick and to the point, with the right info presented cleanly

CamFind – impressive app that searches anything, based on photos.

Rockmelt – Flipboard news app competitor, allows for hiding articles and scrolling stories instead of flipping virtual pages


1Keyboard: Type on your iPhone or iPad with yourMac

1Keyboard is a virtual bluetooth keyboard application for Mac OS X that allows you to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth enabled devices such as your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It does not require a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Works great. It went from free to being a paid app since I tried it out. There’s a free demo that lasts for 2 days so you can give it a whirl.