In (Partial) Defense of Apple’s Skeuomorphic Design in iOS

Faux stitched leather annoys me too. But I’m not sure all skeuomorphic design is bad.

Wikipedia defines skeuomorphic design as:

an element of design or structure that serves little or no purpose in the artifact fashioned from the new material but was essential to the object made from the original material

I find it annoying in certain situations in iOS and OS X, such as the Phone app icon ¹, the Address Book on the Mac, the page flips in iBooks. Still, I’m not turned off by the green felt in Game Center.

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Things On iOS That Are Stupid

I love my iPhone and my iPad. But some aspects of iOS boggle the mind with the oversight of features. Here’s a list of my top offenders:

• timers in the Notifications screen: when running a timer, it should appear with live countdown in the drop down notifications screen. And probably in the lock screen too.

• the Notifications screen needs a “clear all” button

• opening up iOS to allow apps to talk to and share with each other

• we need a Mac App Store viewer app.

• Reminders and Calendar alerts need Snooze options

• easier methods to get to specific settings. Or re-allow 3rd-party apps to access them directly

• App Store trials

• Mobile Safari needs a “Copy Link to Clipboard” action

• let me see the image metadata of the photos I’ve taken with the device