Send To Dropbox – Email Files to Your Dropbox

Send To Dropbox – email files to your Dropbox. It’s free and works great. I’m confused at the lack of this kind of feature within Dropbox itself.

Switching Email to IMAP? Make Sure Other Devices Aren’t Deleting Your Inbox

If you are switching an email account from POP to IMAP, make an inventory of all the other computers, gadgets and devices that may be accessing your email via POP. All of them — iPhone, Androids, iPads, Mac, PC, every last one. At the least, they will mark all your Inbox items as read when checking for new mail. At worst, they will delete the messages from the server. Which will drive you insane if you’re not aware of what’s happening. Continue reading “Switching Email to IMAP? Make Sure Other Devices Aren’t Deleting Your Inbox”

Apple Mail in 10.8: New Special Folder for AppleScripts Used in Rules

I was recently adding some new Mail Rules to Apple Mail, and noticed all my rules that triggered an AppleScript were no longer associated with the correct scripts. Turns out the new version of Mail in 10.8 has a special folder specifically for scripts used in Apple Mail.

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Herald: Superb Notification Plugin For Mac OS X Email

Herald for Apple Mail screenshot

Max OS X 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”—boy do I dislike those cat nicknames) added a new Notification Center feature. It was definitely “inspired” by the excellent Growl notification system, and in my opinion not as good.

However, neither notification system is great for Apple Mail. That’s where Herald comes in.

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Drafts: Idea Inbox

Drafts is an “idea Inbox”. Launch the app, type your text, and then decide where it needs to go or be used. You can send it in an email or a text message, post to Twitter or update your Facebook status. Send the text off as a new note in Evernote or save it as a text file to Dropbox. You can hand it off to the clipboard or other writing apps, and it’s the fastest way you’ve ever entered a new event in the calendar app.

Drafts launches fast so you get the idea down first, and then decide what to do with it. After you use it about three times, you’ll wonder how long before Apple will buy the developer out and add it to iOS.

Check out my tips for using Drafts.