Poster for WordPress

Poster for WordPress is a slick blogging app. It has just enough unique features to make it worth paying for over using the free official version. Continue reading “Poster for WordPress”


Invoke Bookmarklets via iOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Interesting alternative method for invoking bookmarklets in Mobile Safari using iOS keyboard shortcuts. In short, you just add the bookmarklet URL as the phrase for a new keyboard shortcut, and then assign a shortcut for it. Tap the URL bar, hit the X to clear the field and type your shortcut.

1Keyboard: Type on your iPhone or iPad with yourMac

1Keyboard is a virtual bluetooth keyboard application for Mac OS X that allows you to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth enabled devices such as your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It does not require a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Works great. It went from free to being a paid app since I tried it out. There’s a free demo that lasts for 2 days so you can give it a whirl.

Drafts URL Action: Search Netflix Instant

Simple URL Action for Drafts to use your text to search on Netflix Instant. Visit this page on your iPhone/iPad and click the following link to install in Drafts: Drafts URL Action: Search Netflix Instant

Seems strips out the part of the URL that allows importing Actions via a simple click to work, so you’ll have to copy and paste the following and add it to a URL Action in Drafts yourself, unless I can find a fix:[[draft]]]&search_submit=

Create Simple Amazon Affiliate Links on iOS with Launch Center Pro & Drafts

Taking the info from Bob Lee on how to create simple Amazon affiliate links, I created a companion Launch Center Pro/Drafts action to generate these links on the iPhone and the iPad.  Continue reading “Create Simple Amazon Affiliate Links on iOS with Launch Center Pro & Drafts”

AirPrint Activator

I rarely print stuff. But sometimes one needs to. I recently purchased a Brother HL2240D laser printer, which I am very pleased with so far. Laser printers do not have ink cartridges that dry up when your printer sits unused for months at a time.

When I purchased the printer, I was not thinking about the iOS AirPrint feature, so that didn’t factor into my decision. But of course I was laying on the couch, needing to print something and realized I wish I had it.

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SunCalc: Sun Position Mapping Tool

SunCalc is an interesting web tool that visualizes the sun position, sunlight phases, sunrise, sunset, dusk & dawn times on a Google map. It shows you the path and location of the Sun in the sky, where to look for it at sunrise, solar noon and sunset, and does so in an easy to understand visual manner.

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Readability: Save Web Page Text to Read Later

Readability is a great app and web service that does one thing, and does it extremely well: allows you to save the text of webpages to read later, in a visually-optimal reading format.

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