Search the Web for Any Selectable Text in iOS via the Contextual Menu

Pretty clever workaround to search the web for any selectable text in iOS: select the text (in any app) and then tap on the “Define…” option in the contextual menu. The resulting screen will likely tell you there are no results and offer you the chance to search the web (which will happen in Safari).


Hazel: Basic Sync

Over on the Noodlesoft Forums for Mac OS X automation utility Hazel, I found this basic sync recipe for setting up a folder sync. Sometimes it’s easier to get going with Hazel when you see an example.

This one was created by the developer, so you know it’s correct. I was looking to set up a sync for my personal art projects, where anything created in the last 6 months was synced to Dropbox for easy access on multiple devices. Works great.